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# Uplink

Uplink makes setup of application monitoring with telemetry as simple as possible. Rather
than having to add and setup several libraries, this package rolls them all up into a single
configurable drop-in to your application tree.

## Installation

def deps do
    {:uplink, "~> 0.1"}

## Usage

Add Uplink to your application supervision tree and tell it which monitors
it should run. 

# application supervisor
children = [
    Uplink, [
      monitors: [
        {MyMonitors.Ecto, [repo_prefix: :my_repo]},
      pollers: [
        {10, [{TestModule, :test_emitter, []}]}
      metric_definitions: [
      reporters: [
See the [docs]( for more information.

## Uplink Monitors

Monitors by the community, for the community!

## Usage

Uplink Monitors are meant to be copied and pasted into your project as a starting point because 
preferences amongst individuals and organizations around metrics can vary widely. The important
thing is to have a jumping-off point and can learn patterns and practices from others. These
aren't one-size-fits-all, so make them your own and share your learnings with others!

In the [monitors]( folder you'll find monitors for popular
libraries which have been compiled over the past few years. They've worked quite well, so

Create a PR to add a link to your own examples in the README or a monitor for a library
not already covered.

### Community Links

Copyright (c) 2021 Bryan Naegele