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# `useful`

A collection of useful functions for building `Elixir` Apps.

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# Why?

We found ourselves copy-pasting a few useful "helper" functions
across our Elixir projects ... <br />
it wasn't
so we created this library.

# What?

A library of useful functions that we need for building `Elixir` Apps.

# Who?

This library is for our use on our various `Elixir` / `Phoenix` apps.
As with everything we do it's Open Source, Tested and Documented
so that _anyone_ can benefit from it.

# How?

## Install

The package can be installed
by adding `useful` to your list of dependencies in `mix.exs`:

def deps do
    {:useful, "~> 0.2.0"}

## Function Reference

### `atomize_map_keys/1`

Converts a `Map` that has strings as keys (or mixed keys)
to have only atom keys. e.g:

# map that has different types of keys:
my_map = %{"name" => "Alex", id: 1}
%{name: Alex, id: 1}

Works recursively for deeply nested maps:

person = %{"name" => "Alex", id: 1, details: %{"age" => 17, height: 185}}
%{name: Alex, id: 1, details: %{age: 17, height: 185}}

### `flatten_map/1`

Flatten a `Map` of any depth/nesting:

iex> map = %{name: "alex", data: %{age: 17, height: 185}}
iex> Useful.flatten_map(map)
%{data__age: 17, data__height: 185, name: "alex"}

**Note**: `flatten_map/1` converts all Map keys to `Atom`
as it's easier to work with atoms as keys e.g: `` instead of `person["name"]`.
We use the `__` (_double underscore_) as the delimiter for the keys of nested maps,
because if we attempt to use `.` (_period character_) we get an error:

iex(1)> :a.b
** (UndefinedFunctionError) function :a.b/0 is undefined (module :a is not available)

# Docs

Detailed docs available at: