# WebSockex

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An Elixir Websocket Client.

A simple implemenation would be

defmodule WebSocketExample do
  use WebSockex

  def start_link(url, state) do
    WebSockex.start_link(url, __MODULE__, state)

  def handle_frame({type, msg}, state) do
    IO.puts "Received Message - Type: #{inspect type} -- Message: #{inspect msg}"
    {:ok, state}

See the `examples/` directory for other examples or take a look at the [documentation][docs].

## Installation

Add `websockex` to your list of dependencies in `mix.exs`:

def deps do
  [{:websockex, "~> 0.4.0"}]

### With Elixir releases prior to version  1.4

Ensure `websockex` is started before your application:

def application do
  [applications: [:websockex]]

## Debugging

WebSockex supports the debugging mechanism for [OTP Special Processes][special_process] provided through the `:sys` module.

Since WebSockex rolls its own Special Process implementation, it's able to provide a lot more information than a regular

If, for example, I enable tracing with `EchoClient` from the examples (with `Logger` off), I would get this:

iex> {:ok, pid} = EchoClient.start_link(debug: [:trace])
*DBG* #PID<0.371.0> attempting to connect
*DBG* #PID<0.371.0> sucessfully connected
{:ok, #PID<0.371.0>}
iex> EchoClient.echo(pid, "Hello")
*DBG* #PID<0.371.0> sending frame: {:text, "Hello"}
*DBG* #PID<0.371.0> received frame: {:text, "Hello"}
*DBG* #PID<0.371.0> received frame: :ping
*DBG* #PID<0.371.0> replying from :handle_ping with :pong
iex> EchoClient.echo(pid, "Close the things!")
*DBG* #PID<0.371.0> sending frame: {:text, "Close the things!"}
*DBG* #PID<0.371.0> received frame: {:text, "Close the things!"}
*DBG* #PID<0.371.0> closing with local reason: {:local, :normal}
*DBG* #PID<0.371.0> sending close frame: {:local, :normal}
*DBG* #PID<0.371.0> forcefully closed the connection because the server was taking too long close

I could also enable tracing after a process has started like this:

iex> {:ok, pid} = EchoClient.start_link()
iex> :sys.trace(pid, true)
iex> EchoClient.echo(pid, "Hi")
*DBG* #PID<0.379.0> sending frame: {:text, "Hi"}
*DBG* #PID<0.379.0> received frame: {:text, "Hi"}