Zotonic Apps

Include this package in your project to fetch all core applications from Zotonic.

This package is releases and updated with every Zotonic release.


In your rebar.config include zotonic in the deps:

    {deps, [

Or use a specific version number:

    {deps, [
        {zotonic_apps, "1.0.0"}

Starting/stopping Zotonic

The `zotonic_apps` app will start zotonic_launcher, which will start all necessary other applications.
Ensure you have the zotonic application mentioned in your .app.src

    {application, my_zotonic_app,
     [{description, "Example project with Zotonic"},
      {vsn, git},
      {registered, []},
      {mod, {zotonic_app, []}},
      {applications, [
          kernel, stdlib, zotonic
      {env, []},

TODO: ensure that all shell scripts are included in the packages and usable.
TODO: create an example umbrella project to use and clone as a template.